Riverside Charter

Welcome Riverbank Charter School of Excellence

NJSchoolJobs.com is proud to welcome the Riverbank Charter School of Excellence located in Florence Twp. of Burlington County as new advertisers to our site.  

Here is a short preview of Riverbank Charter’s Education & Philosophy as per their website.  You can visit it at: Riverbank Charter School of Excellence

The educational philosophy of Riverbank Charter School of Excellence recognizes and values that in this ever-changing society the school’s educational program must be flexible and responsive. Thus, it is necessary that the content and focus of the curriculum, the delivery of services, and the implementation of programs and strategies be constantly monitored, assessed, evaluated, refined and redefined as needed.

Realizing that students develop attitudes about school and learning at an early age, it is the responsibility of the school staff to ensure that each child experiences daily success in order to cultivate a desire and excitement for learning and to develop a positive self-image. It is also the responsibility of the teaching staff and administration to create an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and maximizes student potential. Parental and community support and involvement are integral components of the overall development of students’ social, emotional, and academic skills. All are necessary to achieve and sustain a quality instructional program.