Tips for a Successful Interview – Part 1

People will often ask, “I really need this job. Do you have any tips for me?”.  Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, the interview will be key to helping you land the job you covet.  Here are some quick tips to implement prior to that all important day:

1) Double check the time of the interview: Nothing turns people off more than showing up late.  If you come late for the interview, how can I count on you to show up on time for the job.  Show up at least 15-20 minutes early and leave your cell phone in the car.

2) Know the Interviewer’s full name, correct pronunciation and title: Most contact information can be found on school websites.  If not, call the school and ask the secretary.  They know EVERYTHING!


3) Research the school and district you are interviewing for:  Visit the NJ Department of Education’s site to find information on the district you’re interviewing with.  If you know someone who works in the district, don’t be afraid to ask about their curriculum programs so you can at least be familiar with them.

4) Prepare several questions to ask during your interview: Have a few questions ready to go at the conclusion of the interview.  They can be about the position, the district or even the timeline for when they’ll be making a decision.

5) Be prepared with your portfolio, examples of your work, transcripts and certificates:  School administrators may or may not have the time to view a portfolio during the interview.  However, if the interview goes well, get ready to leave a few samples of student work and copies of your certificates, etc. so no time is wasted if they think you’re the candidate of choice.