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Oh No! It’s September and I’m still looking for a job!

After the Spring and Summer hiring seasons, you may be feeling that you’ve missed the boat in terms of getting a chance to land a teaching job. Don’t fret! Here are few options to look for:

  • Medical and Maternity Leaves of Absence – Districts receive notices from employees over the summer or right up until the 1st day of school, that they will be taking a medical or maternity leave of absence in the near future. Leaves of Absences are great opportunities to showcase your teaching skills or have a “trial run” with a school district. These replacement positions may run from as little as a few weeks, to a few months or even a year long contract.
  • Hard to fill positions – Many school districts are in desperate need fill vacancies in positions of high demand. If you hold a certification in the areas of special education, world languages, math, or science (physics or chemistry), you stand a good chance at getting that full time job. Schools sometimes need start the school year with substitutes in those classrooms and are looking to fill that void with certified teachers as quickly as possible.
  • Last minute retirements – While most retirements occur during the middle and end of the school year, it’s not entirely uncommon to have retirements start in September or October. Some educators may be reaching their retirement age or years of service and opt to retire when they’re eligible. School districts with situations like this may hire the replacement teacher to work alongside the retiring teaching to create as smooth transition for their students.

So don’t despair if you are still looking for that job come the start of September, there are still plenty of opportunities to land that position you’ve always wanted. Keep that cover letter and resume up-to-date and ready to go!