3 salary items to consider when accepting a teaching job in New Jersey?

Often times, those seeking a job as a teacher will jump at the first job offer and never look at the salary or benefits associated with the position.  Here are three things to consider when investigating how much money you’ll make when you start your new job:

1) What is the starting salary?  Many districts in New Jersey have a decent starting salary.  As of the 2014-2015 school year, there are over 300 districts throughout the state with starting salaries over $50,000 according to the New Jersey Education Association, the state largest teacher’s union.

2) How long will it take the “reach to top” of the salary guide?  Salary guides vary from district to district but you can find out how many years (or steps) it will take for you to reach the top or maximum salary in a particular district.  You’ll want to look for districts where you can reach “the top” as quickly as possible to maximize lifetime earnings.

3) Can you earn more money through advanced degrees?  School districts often will offer an increase in salary for obtaining graduate credits in education beyond the Bachelor’s Degree level.  Ask for a copy of the salary guide to see how much more you can earn with a graduate degree or beyond.  Additionally, see if the district offers reimbursement for graduate credits to help you improve your teaching skills while helping your to increase your earnings.

List of NJ School Districts with Starting Salaries over $50,000